Slow Glass

Allie, New Zealand.
Welcome, I hope you like it here.

Keeping up the post-show sophistication with chocolate soy milk in our wine glasses #posh 🍷🍼🎉
Getting excited!!!! Cultural set with my favourite 👯
Going to the ballet with my main lady @aprilangela2 #rnzb #coppélia
Tea time
What a lovely night :)
Refreshing to be out and about as the sun was rising!
Thursday night craft time! #whatcouldthisbefor? #actuallyjustwatchingapril #shesartyimnot
The random pictures I find when looking through all my computer files at 2am

I actually have the cutest flatmate! Lizzie and I are busily trying to finish our essays for uni and April surprised us both with little hot chocolates :) 

Pizza lunch with this cutie at  #heavenpizza

you have to question a driving instructor who’s road code comes from 1989

Post run #colourrun #happiest5k
Pre colour run #clean #happiest5k #colourrun